GloveUp delivers all the benefits of boxing training without having to jump into the ring. Our 45-minute group classes combine cardio and core intervals, body-weight exercises and punching combinations, both on and off the heavy bag (with no physical contact). Workouts are designed for beginners and experts alike. They are an efficient and fun way to improve muscle tone and endurance, burn calories and deliver a stronger and leaner core. And there's no better way to relieve tension than punching it out. At GloveUp, we leave life's stresses on the bag.


Boxing isn't just about putting on the gloves and punching the bag, but rather developing the skills, muscles and cardiovascular strength to sustain high-intensity rounds. In our classes, you can expect a series of timed rounds, 2,4,6,8 minutes in length, with various exercises including shadow boxing, heavy bag work, squats, push-ups, dumbbell work, and jumping rope. Our experienced trainers will guide you along the way to achieve your fitness goals, incorporating high-energy music to keep you motivated throughout.


GloveUp is located in a newly renovated space in downtown Cohasset Village, with ample free parking available. Childcare is also offered during certain classes, with babysitters on site to watch your children while you work out, and punch out.

5 Stagecoach Way, Cohasset, MA  02025 (Cohasset Village)


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