Katie Sheerin (General Manager)

Katie believes that physical activity is one of the greatest outlets to combat stress and help others. Her energetic approach motivates people to be their best versions.  Katie has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and when she’s not punching it out at GloveUp, she works in the recovery community with a focus on women’s issues. CERTIFICATIONS: SCW Certified Personal Trainer

Emily Fitzgerald (Assistant General Manager)

Emily has an infectious passion for boxing and her classes exude enthusiasm and dedication. Beyond the full-body work out that GloveUp classes provide, Emily helps her boxers release stress from their daily lives. Through teaching proper technique and new combinations, Emily puts the focus on learning and developing new skills so that boxers can block out everything else. Plus, she says, "There is nothing like the perfect snap of a punch on a heavy bag. It becomes addictive."

Nicole Garrity

Nicole brings a passionate, mind-body approach to fitness. She believes that being physically active helps relieve stress and anxiety, resulting in an overall healthier mindset. For each individual to push their own limits and leave feeling empowered is what she strives to achieve in her classes. Nicole has a Masters in Public Health and when she’s not teaching Kick It By Eliza, she’s working in the prevention field for the Town of Cohasset.

Sam Connolly

Sam became fascinated with boxing as a teenager and has been honing his knowledge of the sport ever since. He focuses on technical boxing instruction along with targeted exercises to improve overall fitness, agility and coordination. Sam believes the biggest benefit of boxing is a surge in confidence that positively affects all aspects of life. He is currently studying exercise physiology at UMass Lowell.

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